Ways to Make Online Poker Fun and Enticing

Published On June 20, 2016 | By Edgar Jose | Poker Tips

Poker is not all about gambling. Plenty of people who play poker online are recreational players who just want to pass time with a pleasurable game or are there to unwind after an exhausting day/week at work. However, poker sites are being invaded with predators that pry on amateurs and rip them off their money. This caused the decline of recreational players visiting online poker rooms.

To bring back the players and encourage more to play online, poker sites should consider innovating and improving their websites as well as the products and services being offered. They should make changes that can cull mass-multi –tabling grinders that drive the recreational players away and stop them from progressing through the online poker rank.

Here are some ways to keep online poker games entertaining for everyone.

  1. Make the website simple and easy to navigate. People will be intimidated to register and play if they can’t understand the site or don’t know which page to go to play poker. Have your site designed to be user friendly. No complicated buttons to click or so many confusing instructions. Write the guidelines short and straight to the point to save time trying to figure things out and lead them directly to the game.
  2. Engage with the players through promotional offers like a sign in bonus and other exciting perks and privileges. When they register, give them a VIP treatment even before they deposit on their account so that they will feel special and will be delighted to visit the site frequently.
  3. Provide them a rewards card that entitles them to have a percentage off on their deposit or additional free credits for every deposits made. Partner with other establishments where they can use their rewards card for discounts or some freebies. The card should also serves as their passport to exclusive invites to special events and all the great stuffs casinos have to offer both online and land-based.
  4. Create poker rooms exclusive for recreational players only. There would be certain rules to follow in the room to prevent predators and keep the tables purely for fun playing and socialization. Access to the said special room will be through invites only.
  5. Make poker games a social event by encouraging players to bring more friends and rewarding them for every person they were able to invite and have joined. It will be better if the incentive will benefit the player and all her friends. They will have the privilege to get a poker room all for themselves. No outsider allowed joining.

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