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Published On February 16, 2016 | By Edgar Jose | Gambling

Online gambling is taking the world by storm. Savvy players can easily make money from the comfort of their home with these online casinos offering an assortment of all different casino games. Many young people and retired players play casually for quick entertainment but it’s the other market of people gambling online that are interesting. Thousands of people compete online for their chance to become rich quick as the stakes are high ranging in the hundreds of thousands generating billions in revenue for these online gambling companies. There are thousands of websites advertising their games allover mainstream social media sites like Facebook, boasting their rates and number of players intriguing players everywhere to start gambling. With such a large reach it’s easy to tell why the success of online gambling is what it is.


Online gambling has been around since the 1990’s. As soon as Antigua and Barbuda passed its Free Trade & Process act. Fast forward to today and advancements in technology allow essentially every game played in Las Vegas casinos to be transferred to the online platform for gamblers everywhere to rejoice. The first platform for online casinos was provided by MicroGaming and Intercasino. However the market for online casinos would quickly become very competitive with developers everywhere shoveling out new ways to gamble. A very popular development was the invention of live casino games where players can watch a dealer live instead of just the online character. With gambling being, in some cases, categorized as an addiction it was a no brainer that online gambling would eventually reach today’s success.


Not only have casino games become a staple for gamblers, online sports betting was also introduced.  Just as with casino games the market for sports betting became very saturated and competitive. A website for betting known as BetFair began allowing players to bet against each other and not just the site itself. Live betting also was introduced allowed players to bet as the sporting event was happening, a major feature to online betting and was immediately successful.

Online Casinos

Online casinos provide a convenient way for players to gamble and pass time with unlimited reach and mobile reach the ability to place bets is available with the reach into the pocket with almost all sites offering a mobile app for their services. Many people turn to online casinos as a quick get away when they can’t fly to Vegas and the online casinos provide the buzz their looking for.

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