How to Improve your Poker Performance

Published On December 9, 2015 | By Edgar Jose | Poker Tips

People who just started to play poker want to know some tips on becoming competitive. These days, online poker has become a buzz in the online gaming world and gaming avenues like Genji Poker ensures players will have the best poker experience possible. Wish to become a better poker player? Follow the tips below to boost your game performance and profits.

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Avoid Playing Every Hand

Perhaps the most common mistake made by many poker players is that they tend to play for too many hands. If you are a newbie to this game, you will want to stay in hands that are not quite good to be a part of the action. However, playing more does not ensure more wins. Often, it means losing more.

Avoid Playing Every Hand

Never Play Poker when you are Drunk

Playing poker under the influence of alcohol will get you throwing away your entire stack of chips. The fact is that although you will feel relaxed after a couple of drinks, this can result in you playing less sharply and looser.

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Do Not Bluff Just for the Sake of It

Many beginners in the poker game understand that bluffing is just a part of the game. But there is actually no rule that a player should bluff a specific amount during the game. Bluffs may work in certain scenarios and against particular individuals.

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Do Not Stay in Hand as you are in It Already

Remember that you can never win a pot if you just throw money at it. In some cases, pot odds warrant a call; however, if you surely know that you are beaten and it is hopeless for your hand to improve to becoming the best hand, you have to fold immediately.

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Avoid Calling at a Hand’s End so you can Keep the Honesty

Many poker players look at the final bet of other players they look at the hand and then say they need to keep the other player honest although the latter got them while they throw in a final call. Consider seeing if a poker player truly has the hand.

you are in It Already

Play Only when you are in a Good Mood

If you play poker, you need not to do it just to escape your depression or boredom. You begin on tilt and you will not play your best. Also, during the game, you tend to lose a huge hand or get sucked out on and then feel that you go on tilt and take a break until you gain calmness again. Other players will be able to sense what your mood is and take advantage of it.

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Keep an Eye on the Table’s Cards

If you just started playing, you can just remember to play and focus on your own hand. However, after getting this down, it is quite essential to check what is happening at the table.

Give Attention to Other Players

As you play poke, don’t forget to observe your opponents even if you are not in a hand. In case a player tends to raise in a specific position and another player has a poker tell as he bluffs with third folds to each re-raise, make use of such information in helping you decide on your playing strategy.

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