5 Online Casino Games You Need To Try Now!

Published On September 16, 2017 | By Edgar Jose | Casino

Thanks to online casinos, gambling is a matter of few clicks. Over the years, number of web-based casinos has increased considerably, and with that, we have more options, games, and bonuses. Many of them are offering free casino games, while others are enticing customers with minimal deposits and better bonus offers. In this post, we will talk about the online casino games you need to try now.

  • Slot machines are everyone’s favorite, and you don’t need to visit Vegas to play the best games. Slots are among the most played games on online casinos, and the feel and game play as same the conventional machines. You place a bet, click on the ‘virtual’ liver, and the slots spin. Depending on the appearances of the symbols and pre-decided configurations, the winnings are decided. If you are playing slots, don’t forget to check progressive jackpots.

  • Video Poker. Another popular choice among players, Video Poker is all about assembling the best poker hand. Like normal play, you will place a bet, and the machine will offer a hand of five cards. Don’t like a few? You can discard them, and the machine will offer replacement cards, and that’s the final hand. Quite expectedly, the better your hand, the more you get paid.
  • Blackjack. Card games are pretty entertaining, and nothing works better than blackjack. The game has origins in Europe, and you have to draw cards with face values that add up to 21 or should be at least close to it. Blackjack rules may seem a little complicated, but with a few rounds, you should be good to go. Try to play for free before trying your luck with money.
  • Roulette. This is the classic casino game, and it’s not surprising to find it online. Just like traditional roulette, here too you will have a wheel with slot numbers colored in black and red. You place the bet on a particular number or color, and as the machine spins the wheel, the ball will move and drop into one of the slots, which is the winning number and color. For color wagers, the payouts are lesser, while you can win big with numbers.

  • Baccarat. This one is quite similar to Craps, if you have played that one. The idea is simple – You need to draw a card hand that’s close to 9. Let’s say you draw two cards and their face values add up to 10 or more. In this case, the first digit will be discarded, and now you will be playing the game against the deal. In this case, the bet is not on the better hand but on the question of who’s going to win the round. Even if you end up losing the hand, you will still win if your guess was right.

If you are new to online casinos, you should check the terms and conditions in detail. To get real money, you have to make an initial deposit, for which you may get an additional welcome bonus. Bonuses are also offered for further deposits. Most casinos have a minimal deposit and a maximum withdrawal amount, which must be checked in advance, especially if you intend to wage more. Gambling is not legal everywhere, so please check the local laws before taking a shot.

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